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Re: [bulk]: Re: [Xen-users] XCP modifying cloned vms

George Shuklin wrote:
> Good day.
> I spent some time on this problem and found three separate solution:
> 1) Use preseed/kickstart to create new VM by automated installation
> 2) Configure a 'mother' VM (wich one is cloned) with script, reading data 
> from xenstore/pvargs and setting up system.
> 3) Detach vdi from cloned VM, attach it to 'master', perform configuration, 
> reattach back to cloned VM
> After few tests I decide to use 1st method, as most puristic (new ssh keys, 
> clean history, access log, etc). And, with debian preseed it does not take 
> too much time: about 2 minutes on gigabit link to network storage.

Hello George,

are these Methods suitable for the XEN Cloud Platform, too?
If that's a stupid question, please excuse me - I'm fairly new to XCP
and i thought every DomU-Disk is a logical volume with its own partition

if yes, I would be glad if you'd give me some more ideas about the 1st

Many thanks in advance and best regards,


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