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Re: [Xen-users] quick question about bonding with vlans and Xen

On 6/21/2010 7:37 PM, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 3:17 AM, Donny Brooks<dbrooks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
But I would like to at least take advantage of the vlan support so I
can at least test that. Shouldn't I be able to do the following to enable
vlan support?:

remove bond0 interface
setup eth1 as vlan master
change any reference to bond0 in the bond0.XX and brXX files to eth1
restart networking
and hopefully it just work?
You still need the bridge. So you can dump bond0, change all bond0.XX
to eth1.XX, but you still need brXX.

Ok, after a little clearing my head and thinking about it I found the "simple thing I was missing"... I had to change the MTU setting on my servers network cards to allow the vlan header to be passed. I was unable to even get the eth2.X interfaces to work so I knew it had to be something else. I changed the MTU and it started working on the eth2.X devices (with the brXX stuff of course). After changing the MTU to 1496 on eth1 - eth3 I then commenced testing the various bond modes again. Here are the results:

mode=0 No go
mode=1 Works
mode=2 No go
mode=3 Didn't test
mode=4 Works
mode=5 Didn't test
mode=6 No go

I tested by doing a clean reboot after changing modes. Any idea why some did and some didn't? All I changed between modes was the mode=X in the modules.conf file. And of course the switch information for mode 4.

So I was able to finally settle on mode 4 since it is the only one that works and provides fault tolerance and load balancing. I just knew it was a simple thing I was missing. Thanks to all that have helped me through this. I have backed up all my configs incase anyone else wants to try this.

One question though: should mode4 allow an increase in overall throughput if I am able to setup another host with bonded interfaces? I am mainly looking at my backuppc installation as well as eventually doing live failover of domu's.

Donny B.

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