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RE: [Xen-users] Problems with GPLPV network latency


No I have 5 servers. This is the only one im facing this issue with, all
built the same though this motherboard is slightly different.  I don't
have any problems with Dom0 out to the internet and back, its just the
DomUs.  Im using bridged mode so could it be that the bridge is at

Its strange why only the Windows DomU will work with no network driver,
just the standard one.  

Im running XEN 4.0 on kernel, the chipset is AMD 740G / AMD
SB700 (http://www.pcwb.co.uk/catalogue/item/A0477614?cidp=Froogle)



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Subject: RE: [Xen-users] Problems with GPLPV network latency

Do you only have one Xen server running - the one you're having problems
with?  Or do you have multiple servers running, and all of them are
having problems?  O r multiple ones running and only this one is seeing
this problem?

What's the chipset of the network cards in your physical machine?  Also,
I'm sure you've already posted it, but remind me what versions of Xen
and the dom0 kernel you're running.


>>> "Ian Tobin"  06/23/10 4:33 AM >>>

Ive built a linux DomU and am facing the same network issue, massive
delays then no network at all so its not limited to Windows DomUs.  It
seems that the only DomU to work is one which doesn't have the XEN
drivers running.

Any ideas?



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Subject: RE: [Xen-users] Problems with GPLPV network latency

> James,
> What config options adjust the timer in Xen?

It's timer_mode I think. I'm not sure what all the different values mean



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