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Re: [Xen-users] Re: blktap2 does not work

2010/6/24 Niccolò Belli <darkbasic4@xxxxxxxxx>:
> sdl=0
> vnc=1
> vnclisten=""
> vncpasswd=''

I'm not sure if those work for PV domU. AFAIK PV uses "vfb" line.

> If I do not load blktap module, using tap2:tapdisk:aio it complains
> about missing blktap2 driver:
> Error: Failed to create device.
>   stdout: didn't find blktap-control in /proc/misc
>   stderr:
> Check that target "/srv/xen/webserver.img" exists and that blktap2
> driver installed in dom0.

Let me get this straight. You do NOT load blktap module?
That module is needed for blktap2 to work on pv_ops kernel.

> Without a bootloader I have to swtich to PV,

Are you using ext4 by any chance? I don't know if Xen 4.0.0's
pygrub/pv-grub supports it yet.

> but it freezes just
> before the login prompt:

That part should be easy


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