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Re: [Xen-users] Graphical virtualisation management system

On Thu, 2010-06-24 at 11:32 -0700, Freddie Cash wrote:
> What is everyone using to manage their virtualisation setup?  Anyone
> using a pre-packaged management system like ConVirt, oVirt,
> Virt-Manager, etc?  Everyone rolling their own management scripts?
> Something else?
> Right now, we're using our home-grown kvmctl script (as seen in the
> KVM wiki) to manage KVM-based VMs on Debian and Ubuntu Server.  It's
> working ok, but limited to a single host, so there's no redundancy or
> shared storage or migration possible in our current setup.
> We want to move to a multi-tiered, SAN-based virtualisation setup, but
> can't find a VM management tool that handles both KVM and Xen (we have
> some old Opteron hardware that doesn't support SVM), and does not
> require Linux from end-to-end.  For example, we want to run FreeBSD +
> ZFS on our storage servers, exporting storage via iSCSI (or NFS).  We
> want to run a minimal Debian/Ubuntu install on the VM hosts (just to
> boot and run the management agents), with all of the VMs getting their
> storage via iSCSI.  With a separate box acting as the management
> system.  Preferably with a web-based management GUI, but that's more
> of an "nice to have" than a hard requirement.
> >From the research I've done into the VM management systems available
> for KVM/Xen, either Linux is required on every host (including the
> storage servers), or they don't support iSCSI (or off-server shared
> storage of any kind), or they require an X server installed, or they
> only support one of Xen/KVM, or they are geared toward managing a
> single server (desktop).
> So, if you have a setup similar to above (multiple physical servers,
> separate storage, etc), what are you using to manage it?  Is it free,
> open-source, shareware, pay-ware, proprietary, abandonware, something
> else?
> So far, I've looked at:
>   * Convirture 2.0 which looks pretty, but doesn't work with iSCSI,
> and the docs are all horribly out-of-date making it very hard to
> troubleshoot;
>   * oVirt which requires Fedora/CentOS/RedHat on everything;
>   * virt-manager which requires X and seems to be more desktop-oriented;
>   * ProxMox which doesn't support Xen.
> What else is available?  Where else should I be looking?
> Any suggestions on what to look at greatly appreciated.  Any
> suggestions on how to improve our setup also greatly appreciated.

If you are looking to manage several operating system platforms and your
primary requirements include configuration/activity profiling,
management and monitoring, you may want to have a look at Versiera.
Please note we are the developers.

Versiera is offered as a free SaaS on the Internet (full featured),
though we do sell enterprise appliance versions. Versiera is intended to
profile, manage and monitor hosts rather than a VM management system.
Versiera uses a push architecture for all communications and
authenticates/encrypts all traffic with digital certs - i.e. there is no
traffic entering your hosts/environment. Some of the capabilities
include Jobs/Scheduling that may be used to perform some of the
capabilities you are looking to accomplish such as migrations, though
the concept of jobs is generic and may perform many other tasks
including the ability to chain jobs together.



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