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[Xen-users] tcpdump

Hi Everyone,

I'm using bridges with my Xen setup. I have one HVM guest (running pfsense), and one Ubuntu PV Guest. The Ubuntu guest passes all its traffic via the bridge on the Dom0, then out via the HVM pfsense firewall (which in turn has real PCI NICs passed through to it).

When I run tcpdump on the Dom0, if I specify the vif which is related to the Ubuntu guest (e.g. vif2.0), I can see traffic passing through the interface. However, when I run tcpdump with the interface of the pfsense guest, I don't see any traffic. Why is this? Does it have something to do with the fact that the guest is HVM?

I'm just trying to get an understanding of Xen networking, so any help is appreciated.


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