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Re: [Xen-users] VIF Script

I guess I could mount my vif scripts directory to /etc/xen/scripts via NFS. I just like having the vif script placed in the same folder as the DomU config file.

On 26/06/10 16:34, Olivier B. wrote:
If you mount all the "/etc/xen" directory thought NFS, your vif scripts will be there too... so what is the problem ?

Le 26/06/2010 17:04, Jonathan Tripathy a écrit :
Well truth be told I haven't set up multiple Xen hosts yet. But my place was to mount the config directory (which will contain the DomU config files as well as a vif script for each DomU) via an NFS mount in fstab

On 26/06/10 15:59, Olivier B. wrote:
Create the link, yes. Manually, not necessary.
How do you propage the xend's conf, and the domu's conf ? And how do you add your NFS mount ? Scripts, rsync, puppet, etc ?
So, you can use the same way, no ?


Le 26/06/2010 16:52, Jonathan Tripathy a écrit :
Well, since I want the config files to be accessible across all Xen hosts, wouldn't that mean that every time I added a new VM, I'd have to create a link in /etc/xen/scripts on every xen host manually?

On 26/06/10 15:37, Olivier B. wrote:
And what is wrong with links ?


Le 26/06/2010 15:37, Jonathan Tripathy a écrit :
Thanks, but my reasoning behind wanting a different path, is that I will eventually have multiple Xen systems and wish to have a common NFS mount for all the xen hosts. Additionally, each DomU will have a different vif script, as I will be offering some basic firewalling (using iptables) to my customers

On 26/06/10 14:34, Sassy Natan wrote:

u can always create a link file ..
On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Jonathan Tripathy <jonnyt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

In the DomU config file, I am able to use script=xx for the VIF section to select a network script. However, this script must be located in /etc/xen/scripts. Is there any way to make the DomU config look in a different path? Specifying the absolute path to the script doesn't seem to work


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