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Re: [Xen-users] VIF Script

You could still use the link, it just needs to be created, but this is persistent across updates and does not offend XEN's functionality.

So it is just creating the link once at the setup, no later maintenance.

Absolute paths don't work as you just recognized, and changing the script location would need recompilation AFAIK (and you would need all other scripts in you new location, too).

Am 26.06.2010 17:40, schrieb Jonathan Tripathy:
I guess I could mount my vif scripts directory to /etc/xen/scripts via NFS. I just like having the vif script placed in the same folder as the DomU config file.

On 26/06/10 16:34, Olivier B. wrote:
If you mount all the "/etc/xen" directory thought NFS, your vif scripts will be there too... so what is the problem ?

Le 26/06/2010 17:04, Jonathan Tripathy a écrit :
Well truth be told I haven't set up multiple Xen hosts yet. But my place was to mount the config directory (which will contain the DomU config files as well as a vif script for each DomU) via an NFS mount in fstab

On 26/06/10 15:59, Olivier B. wrote:
Create the link, yes. Manually, not necessary.
How do you propage the xend's conf, and the domu's conf ? And how do you add your NFS mount ? Scripts, rsync, puppet, etc ?
So, you can use the same way, no ?


Le 26/06/2010 16:52, Jonathan Tripathy a écrit :
Well, since I want the config files to be accessible across all Xen hosts, wouldn't that mean that every time I added a new VM, I'd have to create a link in /etc/xen/scripts on every xen host manually?

On 26/06/10 15:37, Olivier B. wrote:
And what is wrong with links ?


Le 26/06/2010 15:37, Jonathan Tripathy a écrit :
Thanks, but my reasoning behind wanting a different path, is that I will eventually have multiple Xen systems and wish to have a common NFS mount for all the xen hosts. Additionally, each DomU will have a different vif script, as I will be offering some basic firewalling (using iptables) to my customers

On 26/06/10 14:34, Sassy Natan wrote:

u can always create a link file ..
On Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Jonathan Tripathy <jonnyt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

In the DomU config file, I am able to use script=xx for the VIF section to select a network script. However, this script must be located in /etc/xen/scripts. Is there any way to make the DomU config look in a different path? Specifying the absolute path to the script doesn't seem to work


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