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[Xen-users] Private Networks between domUs on multiple hosts

I've found xen networking quite hard to get the hang of and would appreciate 
some pointers in the right direction on how to network domUs into their own 
private networks across multiple servers. There are, say, 5 guests on one 
machine and 5 on another but I would like to be able to allow them to only 
'see' fellow guests which are linked to their virtual network. At the moment 
all guests can contact each other - they're on the same network.

I understand this could be achieved with vlans and whilst I've used these 
before outside of Xen, I'm unsure of how to do so within xen's networking 
system. I'm sure my query isn't uncommon and so was hoping that someone would 
know of an easier way in which what I want can be achieved using pure Xen 

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