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RE: [Xen-users] Private Networks between domUs on multiple hosts

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 17:41:48 -0400
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> Subject: [Xen-users] Private Networks between domUs on multiple hosts
> I've found xen networking quite hard to get the hang of and would
appreciate some
> pointers in the right direction on how to network domUs into their own
private networks
> across multiple servers. There are, say, 5 guests on one machine and 5
on another but
> I would like to be able to allow them to only 'see' fellow guests
which are linked to their
> virtual network. At the moment all guests can contact each other -
they're on the
> same network.

Xen networking isn't so bad once you understand Linux networking
(bridging).  I like to short-circuit network-script with something like:

(network-script /bin/true)

in xend-config.sxp so I can configure bridges and interfaces on my own.

> I understand this could be achieved with vlans and whilst I've used
these before
> outside of Xen, I'm unsure of how to do so within xen's networking
system. I'm sure
> my query isn't uncommon and so was hoping that someone would know of
an easier
> way in which what I want can be achieved using pure Xen functionality.

On CentOS, I'll paste a few configs that should be enough to get you

In the domU config:

vif = [

(In this example the domU has two interfaces, eth0 is routed to the
public internet, eth1 private amongst domU's.)

In the bridge config:

# cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

# cat ifcfg-private

In the VLAN config:

# cat ifcfg-eth1

# cat ifcfg-eth1.2001

Each domU can talk to the other domU's over eth1, and the dom0's bridge
this traffic over VLAN # 2001.  The private bridge does not have an IP
address, so the dom0 is not reachable from the private network--it only
bridges traffic.


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