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Re: [Xen-users] A bit help needed

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 9:48 PM, Miladin Stojkovic <mikilance@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ok
> First i have public ips for all domUs needed , and i need to use public ips. 
> Is there any chance in that way to use nat for only mac?

Possible, but not by using virbr0.
You need to create a bridge manually (see ifcfg-br0 example from
Then setup iptables manually to perform NAT on dom0 (or use some tools
like fwbuilder). This way, dom0 becomes router/firewall for all domUs,
with an "public" interface (eth0) connected to public network and a
"private" interface (br0 or whatever bridge you created) connected to

Of course this is just one possible method. You can choose whatever
method you feel comfortable best.

> 2nd. Do you think i should go for xen 4 ? Or xen 4 has same problem with 
> route and bridge ?

I use bridging. Never have any need to use route.
If you use Xen 4, you need to replace the kernel as well (here's what
I use: 
which might not be so straightforward. If you choose to use Xen 4, I
suggest you use it on dev environment first.

> And finaly , i used PV drivers on 1 centos domU , and it worked , but after 
> first restart , its all back to tap interface again , even thou modprobe.conf 
> is setup to use pv drivers.

Why did you even use HVM? It's much easier (and performance will be
higher) if you simply use PV domU.
Anyway, this thread contains example on how to use PV drivers on
RHEL/Centos HVM, and how to convert it to PV if you need to.


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