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[Xen-API] [XCP] Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) for Dynamic Memory Control (DMC)

Hi all

The v0.5 release of Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) includes support
for a new feature, known as Dynamic Memory Control (DMC). DMC
makes it possible to:

  * change the amount of host physical memory assigned to any
    running virtual machine, without rebooting it.
    (within limits specified by an administrator)

  * start additional virtual machines on a host whose physical
    memory is currently full, by automatically reducing the
    memory allocations of existing virtual machines in order
    to make space.
    (also within limits specified by an administrator)

To help share understanding of this feature, we recently added
a frequently-asked questions (FAQ) page for DMC to the xen.org


Please feel free to write to us on the Xen-API mailing list
(xen-api@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) with any comments or questions.

Best wishes


Jonathan Knowles
Xen Cloud Platform Team

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