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RE: Re: [Xen-users] DomU doesn't boot after adding the vif.

Some other blogs and sites also say that just input the IP address.


Therefore, I trusted that wiki and have no doubt.


Actually, the reason for using NAT is that I want to run the xorp (virtrual router software) on the domU and dom0.


When I used the virbr0 and xenbr0, the routing protocol runned by xorp did not find each other.


I tcpdumped all the interface on dom0, and thought that the bridge network did somethig strange.


Also, the vifX.0 dose not send or receive any of the packets and acts like a dummy.


So I configured the NAT mode and want the following situation.


----------------------------      --------------

|  eth0 ----- vif1.0 ---|------|---eth0   |

----------------------------      --------------

      dom0+xorp           dom1+xorp


As you mentioned, I inserted the static MAC address to the 'vif =[ ]' after the IP address.


However, it still does not show the POST screen.


PS) The xen on CentOS is a default package.

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