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Re: Re: [Xen-users] DomU doesn't boot after adding the vif.

2010/9/16 나제균 <archdoom@xxxxxxxxx>

Some other blogs and sites also say that just input the IP address.


Therefore, I trusted that wiki and have no doubt.

Here's an illustration. If you don't put a static MAC address, the MAC address of domU will change every time. This will result in:
- dhcp server (if you're using it) will assign new IP address each time, possibly leading to full lease making it unable to give out any more IP address
- domU will possibly assign new interface name (eth1, eth2, etc) every time (since it detects it as new interface due to different MAC address).

therefore while this may not be related to your problem, it's considered best practice to set a static MAC address.


Actually, the reason for using NAT is that I want to run the xorp (virtrual router software) on the domU and dom0.


When I used the virbr0 and xenbr0, the routing protocol runned by xorp did not find each other.


I tcpdumped all the interface on dom0, and thought that the bridge network did somethig strange.


Also, the vifX.0 dose not send or receive any of the packets and acts like a dummy.

You're grepping the worng interface. HVM domU by default send traffic thru tap* interface. The vif interface is only used:
- by PV domU
- by HVM domU, IF it has PV drivers.
virbr0 should be sufficent if you only need one way NAT (i.e. masquarade) for domU. If you need something else, you can create your own bridge and setup routing/NAT manually. It's easier to manage that way.

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