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Re: [Xen-users] updating xenlinux kernel for dom 0

On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 10:16 PM, kibirango moses <kibsmoses@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Very grateful for the reply.

But the condition is to install a slackware 13 dom U Xen guest since we are using slackware as the standard in our server farm .  And xen kernel has issues of not booting with lilo and grub by default with 2.6.27 .I wanted to try out  kernel version might seam to work since  Currently (as of May 2010) patches and Xen dom0 kernel packages exist up to Linux 2.6.34 (Xen dom 0 kernel rebased OpenSUSE xen-patches), and further more how would someone apply these patches to upgrade the old kernel 2.6.27 to

whether or not domU can boot should be (most of the times) unrelated to what kernel you have on dom0.

For example, Ubuntu Lucid domU with default setup requires special grub2 and ext4 support only available in Xen 4.0.1. The same thing might apply in your case.


Any advice on this is highly welcome and appreciated

What is the best way of creating a VM in xenserver 5.6 which uses the XE commands other than the previous XM .Is it by xen guest template or starting a fresh installation ?. (Since i am new to XS5.6 and i have got no VM template).

I forgot to mention that this might not be the right place to ask about XenServer. Try Citrix forums instead. This list is mostly for users of Xen hypervisor on top of normal Linux dom0, plus users of XCP (http://www.xen.org/products/cloudxen.html).

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