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Re: [Xen-users] Re: using DRBD VBDs with Xen

* khris4 <khris4@xxxxxxxxx> [20100930 17:19]:
> okay, now my memory is coming back on setting up DRBD. The reason it's not
> working is because your tell xen to start the domu with drbd script. If you
> look at the block-drbd script in the /etc/xen/script/ directory to wil see
> the drbd only handles making the drbd resource primary and then hands off
> the device listed under disk in your drbd config to the domu to boot the
> operation system.  Let give you an example, 
> Here is my setup at my office. 
> hardware raid10 --> lvm -> drbd -> domu   <- what this mean is my server has
> raid into setup in lvm, then I create lv's for each 
> drbd virtual disk I wanted to create.  so /dev/XEN00/proxy --> is setup as a
> disk in drbd.conf as resource proxy. Now when you look in my domU proxy
> config you will see this  disk = [ 'drbd:proxy,xvda,w' ]. This works because
> each virtual drbd resource has a lv parition with an operating system behind
> it.  
> The reason your setup is not working is because you handing the domu an drbd
> virtual device that has file-system behind it and when you domu boot up xen
> doesn't know it need to mount the drbd and then give a file back-end. You
> going to need to write a script to handle some of this work or ask if anyone
> had a script already made. 

hmmm, now I'm really confused.

This is what I'm doing on one node:

raid1 ----> lv -> drbd (r1) -> ocfs2 (mount point /xen_cluster/r1)
       \->  lv -> drbd (r2) -> ocfs2 (mount point /xen_cluster/r2)

so the VBD should look like

disk = [ 'file:/xen_cluster/r1/xennode-1/disk.img,xvda2,w',
         'file:/xen_cluster/r2/xennode-1/swap.img,xvda1,w', ]

as I've read in the drbd user guide on how to integrate drbd, ocfs2
and Xen. If I use that VBD file: type in the DomU config I can perform
live migration.

I don't understand what you're telling me here! 
what is /dev/XEN00/proxy?

sorry for being dense,

> This is base off your setup below, if I understand what you are trying to
> do. 
> hardware raid -> drbd -> file-system -> domu 
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