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[Xen-users] Xen on 2 Dell R300


I installed Xen 3.2 from Ubuntu Repostry for quite time ago and used Dom0 for Heartbeat, ldirectod and glusterFS-Server And on DomU i have lighttpd, mysql and GlusterFS client.

And i ran into problems with Xen.

When i untar a 8.6 gb tar with .php files images and such on the glusterFS share both domU and dom0 died. with messages like [2.523412] clocksource and stuff like that (dont have the actual messages). and could not do anything like cntrl+alt+delete, only solution was to reboot and this happends on both machines.

I then thought, maby it is to old kernel or something like that so i upgraded to Xen 4.0 with new Xen kernel and everything from guide i found on xen.org but this resolved in the exacly same problem.

Dont know if this matters but the dom0 saves all the shared files on a own partition /dev/sda3 mounted on /data/

Does anyone have some hints that i can try to fix this?.

// Alexander Torsson

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