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Re: [Xen-users] LVM and resize2fs

Jonathan Tripathy wrote:

No I can't be sure. That's what I was worried about. Do you think it's an issue? I guess I could not specify the size, however when I want to shrink a disk for a customer, then this becomes a bit trickier, as I have to resize2fs first and then lvresize. What would I do in this case?

What I do is resize the filesystem to slightly smaller than I want, resize the volume, and then resize the filesystem to match.

But I have another question about this. I know almost nothing about the internals of ext2/3 filesystems - if you create a small one and grow it, does that in any way affect any options or optimisations ? I know in days of old, there were issues where the allocation chunk size was directly related to filesystem size - but I also know that ext2/3 is somewhat more intelligent than that.

Also, if you use dd to create your cloned filesystem, does that result in any duplicate identifiers ? Or are things like UUIDs create at partitioning time ?

An alternative approach would be to create the filesystem the size you want it (ie create the volume, create a new filesystem on it), and then use something like rsync (or just a recursive option to cp) to copy the contents of the base filesystem into it.

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