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[Xen-users] Sound or USB passthrough for Windows guest at Citrix XenServer 5.6 Free

Hi there,

I've started using Xen through Citrix XenServer 5.6 Free. Now I am thinking about adding a USB sound device to my virtual Windows machine.

One idea would be to access a virtual audio device that streams audio to a client. I've stumbled over the possibility to SSH-forward PulseAudio but this is not possible for Windows on either one or the other side of the chain.

So I thought adding the virtualization host's onboard sound device via PCI passthrough. But this means that I'd need to install another sound device in case I move the virtual Windows to another host that would possibly either have a different PCI device ID or even some different sound device.

Easiest would therefore be to add a USB sound device. But AFAIK this is not yet supported with my used version of Xen. So it may either be passing through a USB controller of the host (which has the same drawbacks like passing through the sound) or using one of these USB-over-Ethernet solutions. One that I found is "FabulaTech USB Over Network" which has a linux service and could be accessed via a client software in the Windows guest.

But I am hesitating a bit to install the "USB Over Network" server onto the XenServer host. Does anyone know if it is reliable? Or can you name a (possibly better working) alternative?


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