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[Xen-users] special passwords for xenserver direct console, could it be?

Hi, Would appreciate any comments on the following scenario. Thanks in advance. I'm a newcomer to xen and have received a machine with several VMs running on it. I also have the root passwords to the VMs at keast one of which I can log into as root via ssh. I can also connect a keyboard and screen directly to the machine and I get a XenServer Management console coming up in ncurses style. However the root password I use for ssh is rejected by this Mgmt console when I select and request login into the machine I just ssh'd into. The possibility of the Xenserver Mgmt console needing a different typoe of root password is not impossible (i'm new to xen, so I tend to expect and believe anything), but at the same time it not hugely conventional. Having two types of "root passwords" ... well ... I suppose one could get used to it, but it will cause not a little confusion. I decided that it can't be, so I checked and re-checked my typing and the keyboard to make sure it enters what I typed. One thing this Mgmt console can't do is allow non-root access. You overwrite the UID part (it allows you to overwrite "root") and you ente a valid username for the VM in question, and it says "only root can log in here" or something to that effect.
Grateful for any comments. Many thanks.

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