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RE: [Xen-users] usb_add to windows guest

>   Dear all,
> I have been trying to connect a usb external disk to a Windows Server
> 2008 guest through Xen 3.2.

The current qemu based USB passthrough is USB 1.1, which is really bad
for performance, and also completely doesn't work with some disk
devices, although I'm not sure how the mapping between qemu usb 1.1 and
a physical usb 2.0 port comes into that.

Can you instead pass through the block device? With a bit of creative
udev scripting you could make the block device add and remove
automatically from the domu every time you plug it into the physical

I starting writing USB passthrough for my GPLPV drivers for Windows, and
while I got it working for some USB storage devices it's still full of
bugs and has probably suffered some bitrot since I last looked at it.


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