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Re: [Xen-users] XCP xapi debugging

In my experience, 90+% of the time, unexplained failures to start are the result of not enough available memory on the pool master. This is one of the reasons I've put so much effort into the load balancing on XCCS.

When it happens, try migrating some of the VMs off the pool master and see if that helps.

Vern Burke

SwiftWater Telecom
Xen Cloud Control System

On 10/15/2010 8:01 AM, George Shuklin wrote:
Good day.

Suddenly on pretty high loaded pool with about 50 VM per 5 hosts I got
following problem vm does not start and start command silently waiting.

xe task-list displays pack of tasks with same status and resident-on:

uuid ( RO)                  : b607ef7b-e185-72d9-4d3a-5795557922fc
             name-label ( RO): VM.start
       name-description ( RO):
             subtask_of ( RO):<not in database>
               subtasks ( RO):
            resident-on ( RO): e9dc1da9-178b-4a98-8dd2-571a920cd4cc
                 status ( RO): pending
               progress ( RO): 0.000
                   type ( RO):<none/>
                 result ( RO):
                created ( RO): 20101015T11:03:04Z
               finished ( RO): 19700101T00:00:00Z
             error_info ( RO):
     allowed_operations ( RO): Cancel

My next question: how can I know what happens? Where to look next?
dmesg, daemon.log, messages does not contain any valuable information.

I filter xensource.log but it only contain connection about task

How can I found what prevent VM starts?

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