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Re: [Xen-users] any opinions on debian vs. opensuse for Xen?

Sam wrote:

I have been using lenny for over a year now. I had some lockups at first but I never could tell if it was just on vm that was crashing and bringing the whole setup down. Since I have done cpu pinning and better ram management, I haven't had any problems. I have been using squeeze as a desktop for over a year now with no problems. The only problems right now in squeeze will probably be related to installer quirks. I would give it a try. I am going to upgrade my set up probably in Dec. or so.

I've also running Lenny (with a 2.6.18 kernel for Dom0) on three boxes - apart from one issue*, it "just runs" and I've never had a machine freeze, lockup, or crash.

* The well known xenconsoled bug that makes a guest stop while consuming about 100% of a cpu core. Restarting xenconsoled will fix it and allow the guest to continue from where it was. It's not that common, I'd estimate less than once a month between 3 hosts running about 15 guests between them.

I've been keeping an eye on Squeeze and Lenny Backports. When I can get another box I'll have a look at one or the other.

Simon Hobson

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