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[Xen-users] Migration of Xen Networking Setup to new ISP

I currently have a xen installation with four NICs installed.  This system has been working fine for some time with my current ISP.

I am planning a move to a new ISP and am currently planning how I am going to go about moving my network over to the new ISP.  Maybe I've analyzed it to the point that I've confused myself, but I can't seem to think of a way to perform the migration.

I currently use pci hide to hide a physical NIC from the Dom0.  This NIC is passed to a firewall DomU.  Two other NICs are passed to the firewall DomU to create a standard three NIC firewall.  The fourth NIC in the Dom0 is on a separate subnet (not part of the firewall) and is used only for managment of the Dom0.

I would like to setup a firewall DomU on the new ISP and then migrate the DomUs to the new firewall one at a time.  I am getting tripped up on the fact that my server can't have two gateway addresses active at one time.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how I could go about this migration?

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