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RE: [Xen-users] what does localtime=1 actually do?

> Great this is what I thought, however I've just had another odd one
> 2008 R2 domU. The dom0 was rebooted, and when it came up the domU was
> 1 hour behind the time of dom0. It had to be changed in windows to the
> correct time.
> Something to do with the domU being saved when the dom0 rebooted? If
> xm create the time is correct with localtime set to 1.

Have you started daylight savings in the last few days? I've seen this
before and my theory is that when the domain is created, xend figures
out what the offset is from UTC and remembers it. If the DomU is
rebooted it uses the same offset which means if it was created before
DST started and then rebooted after, the offset will be wrong.


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