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Re: [Xen-users] what does localtime=1 actually do?

On Mon, Nov 08, 2010 at 10:54:49PM +1100, James Harper wrote:
> > 
> > Great this is what I thought, however I've just had another odd one
> with
> > 2008 R2 domU. The dom0 was rebooted, and when it came up the domU was
> > 1 hour behind the time of dom0. It had to be changed in windows to the
> > correct time.
> > 
> > Something to do with the domU being saved when the dom0 rebooted? If
> you
> > xm create the time is correct with localtime set to 1.
> > 
> Have you started daylight savings in the last few days? I've seen this
> before and my theory is that when the domain is created, xend figures
> out what the offset is from UTC and remembers it. If the DomU is
> rebooted it uses the same offset which means if it was created before
> DST started and then rebooted after, the offset will be wrong.
> James

Yes, we've just come off daylight savings so this is likely the issue. A
bug that should be looked into maybe?


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