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[Xen-users] Network / 2 network cards / fix IP


to consolidate my serverfarm I'm moving my servers to one box.
I use paravirtualization.
One domU will be used as gateway, firewall and nat server.

The xen server and all dumU's will be reachhable via xdmcp in the local net.

I have setup xen (openSUSE-11.3, XEN-4.0) with the following network:

dom0 with 2 ethernet cards:
     eth0 bridged to br0 and eth1 -> br1
     br0 fix IP           (internal network)
     br1 DHCPD.                        (unused)

domU (paravirt guest) with 2 ethernet cards (internet gateway):
     eth0 fix IP         (internal network)
     eth1 DHCPD.                       (external network)

This config works so far, however I have noticed that
1) an Xbrowser alternately sees / does not see the domU.
2) connecting via ssh takes about 20 seconds to get the password prompt.
Once connected it works fine.

Currently no firewall is active.

Apparently this network config is suboptimal or even wrong.

Your hints would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading,

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