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Re: [Xen-users] Opinion on best way to use network storage

On Friday 12 November 2010 04:28:46 VPS Lime wrote:
> I need the community's opinion on the best way to use my storage SAN to
> host xen images.  The SAN itself is running iSCSI and NFS.  My goal is to
> keep all my xen images on the SAN device, and to be able to easily move
> images from one host to another as needed while minimizing storage
> requirements and maximizing performance.
> What I see are my options:
> 1) Export a directory through NFS.  Create image files on the NFS mount and
> have each zen guest use the image off the NFS mount.  This has the benefit
> of all images being visible to all hosts (on the NFS mount), but I'm not
> sure about the performance.
> 2) Create an image on the SAN server for each XEN host and export it to the
> XEN servers through iSCSI.  The XEN server will see it as a VolumeGroup.
>  Create Logical Volumes in the VolumeGroup for each XEN guest.  Has the
> advantage of using LVM for the guest instead of an image file (which is
> rumored to be faster).  Disadvantage is individual images are not easily
> moved to other hosts
> 3) Create a image on the SAN server for each XEN guest and export it
> through iSCSI.  Attach XEN guests directly to the iSCSI image.  Has the
> advantage of being portable to other hosts, maybe more efficient?
> Thanks in advance

Do you want to snapshot your Xen guest storage by means of LVM?


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