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[Xen-users] remus support under debian squeeze

hi xen cracks,
i know that this formum might be the wrong one for my question but maybe the last and/or only one what can give me my questions answered.
i know how to setup and run a xen infrastructure, i have several server in production. the new thing is, that i started to use the debian squeeze, cause of the native suport of remus (kernel support), as everyone say:
hp dl 380, 48gb ram, 8 tb disk, 2 processors
debian squeeze amd64, latest upates
xen 4.0.1, via aptituse
windows 2008r2 x64
windows 7 x64
windows xp x86
debian lenny
i have an identical second hardware box, same ram, same disk, same everything. the aproach is now, to have a ha box using remus. remus setup is very clear to me. now the question:
has anyone experience in using remus on a sqeeze box, i mean i just can't find the remus binary to make a call on the console "remus". it just doesnt exist. does anyone know if debian has wiped out the remus project?
i would be really glad if there would be someone to help me, i tried a lot to get an answer, a lot!
thanks a lot there,
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