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[Xen-users] Using VCPus


I've done a couple of test with different amounts of vCPUs checking
how the VMs influence each other depending on the amount of vCPUs.
Tests I have done checked with different weight, different amounts of
vCPUs and different number of threads on the client system. I figured
out that you have a big advantage in using more vCPUs if your clients
runs a lot of threads (therefore other VMs slowdown). That can be even
more important than the weight of the VM. Is that an expected
behaviour? I found no case in which it is a disadvantage to have a lot
of vCPUs. So is there any reason not to give every VM 4 or more vCPUs?
Do you have an idea of special cases to check where a bigger amount of
vCPUs might be a disadvantage?


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