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Re: [Xen-users] XenServer adding additional CPUs to the control domain?


I just checked that on my 5.6.0 FP1 dom0 has 4 CPU:s available (it has total 24 cores, 2*6+HT cores), so i guess FP1 has switched to multi-vcpu,  v5.6.0 i have only 1 cpu.

> I'm not sure if XenServer has switched to multi-vcpu dom0 yet..
> maybe in 5.6 FP1 ?
> I know in earlier versions there were some bugs if you enabled
> >1 vcpus manually..
> Anyway, XenServer/XCP is planning to move to multi-vcpu dom0
> at some point..

  Pekka Panula, Sofor Oy - Jatkuvat palvelut

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