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[Xen-users] usb device, which is connected to domu during start is not visible in domu


I use xen-4.0.1 on openSUSE 11.3 distribution.
In my domu config I inserted a line like:

vusb=[ 'usbver=2, num-ports=8, port_1=1-4', ]

to passthrough the usb device connected to 1-4 in dom0 to the domu

After start of domu I get the following output from "xm usb-list vdr"

Idx BE  state usb-ver  BE-path
0   0   4     USB2.0  /local/domain/0/backend/vusb/31/0
port 1: 1-4 [ID 695c:3829 Gmbh DVB-S1]
port 2:
port 3:
port 4:
port 5:
port 6:
port 7:
port 8:

so I think the usb device is correctly configured to domu.

But when I do "lsusb" in domu I get no output although the xen_hcd
module is loaded.

when I detach and atache the usb device in dom0 with:

xm usb-detach vdr 0 1
xm usb-attach vdr 0 1  1-4

I see the usb device with lsusb like:

vdrserver:~ # lsusb
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 695c:3829 Opera1 Opera1 DVB-S (warm state)
vdrserver:~ #

is it possible to have the device visible without dettach and attach
it ?

Best regards

  Dieter Bloms

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