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Re: [Xen-users] Which distro to use for Dom0

Il 13/01/2011 17:03, Shaffin Bhanji ha scritto:
> I would double that from two fronts -
> (1) SLES is in active development with clusterlabs providing the SLES HA
> as a product that has been tested!

of course ... "very close" is not "equal"

but if he cannot pay for a SLES he can use something very close.
On opensuse factory you can find almost all the packages / patches you
have on SLES.

To make a good dom0 you basically need:

1- xen: kernel + userspace
2- multipath
3- cluster stack (pacemaker & co)
4- clvm

nothing else




the package you can find above are a bit more updated than SLES packages
(~ next packages ...testing packages).

IMHO opensuse is better than fedora for xen purposes and centos6 is not
released (5.x with the old cluster stack is meaningless)

Best regards,

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