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RE: [Xen-users] Which distro to use for Dom0

On Thursday, January 13, 2011 11:41 AM CST, Jeff Sturm <jeff.sturm@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> Il 13/01/2011 16:45, Donny Brooks ha scritto:
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> > I was looking into Suse SLES 11 and it is a no go for us. Being a
> > small state agency with no usable budget for IT we cannot afford the
> > $349 subscription for one year. Unless I am missing something there
> > and they have a totally free version.
> >
> > So it looks like Fedora 14 (or centos 6) is it.
> you can use opensuse ...that's very close to sles

More to the point: OpenSuSE appears to be the community flavor of SLES,
just as Fedora is the community variant of RHEL.

If I were to reject SLES due to cost in favor of Fedora, presumably I'd
reject RHEL for the same reasons, and it would be silly to ignore

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We don't have any money for ANY OS so, yes I would have to dismiss RHEL for Fedora. And I do that already. All of our machines here run either Centos, Fedora, or Ubuntu. We do have a windows 2008R2 server that we were able to purchase with grant money for a project but it limited us to only windows.


I will look into the OpenSuse project and see if it will do what we want. I have not used any Suse distro in about 13 years so it may take some re-learning!



Donny B.


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