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Re: [Xen-users] Which distro to use for Dom0

On 1/13/2011 1:02 PM, Donny Brooks wrote:

We don't have any money for ANY OS so, yes I would have to dismiss RHEL for
Fedora. And I do that already. All of our machines here run either Centos,
Fedora, or Ubuntu. We do have a windows 2008R2 server that we were able to
purchase with grant money for a project but it limited us to only windows.

I will look into the OpenSuse project and see if it will do what we want. I
have not used any Suse distro in about 13 years so it may take some re-learning!

I experimented with a few distros and settled on openSUSE last year.
Compared to others, there was a lot less I had to do to get Xen running
with everything else I wanted -- the two big ones being LUKS and LVM.
Other distros had all three but I seemed to constantly be chasing
compatibility issues where I needed to upgrade one of the pieces and
that upgrade was a pain to get integrated into the Xen kernel I had.
openSUSE has just worked so far.  I haven't had to build any of my own
custom kernels ... just upgraded as openSUSE makes changes available.

The only issue I've hit, which I think is a general Xen issue, is I use
NVIDIA drivers.  I have to rebuild those for each kernel upgrade to get
them to work with the Xen kernel.  Not a big deal once I figured it out.

Steve Sapovits  steves06@xxxxxxxxxxx

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