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Re: [Xen-users] VM suddenly hangs

Marco Weber wrote:

This problem just occurs on a small ubuntu 8.04 LTS host.
On this host, there is just 1 VM running.
The problem always occurs, when the VM is up for about 2-3days.
Suddenly, the machine hangs and you cannot connect to it using ssh.
( Just a xm destroy  and  xm create   helps to get the VM running again. )

From the copious console messages I think it probably isn't the known xenconsoled bug, but just to rule it out can you try this next time it happens ?

With xentop, see how much CPU the guest is using. Typically I see the guest taking one full core.

stop xend - "/etc/init.d/xend stop"

kill the xencolsoled process :
ps axl | grep xenconsoled
kill nnn (where nnn is the process ID found in the previous step)

start xend again - "/etc/init.d/xend start"

Withsome combinations of xen and kernel, the guest will block on IO to the console because xenconsoled has turned up it's toes in some way. Restarting xenconsoled unblocks it and the guest carries on as it was.

Simon Hobson

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