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Re: [Xen-users] How to create an ubuntu 10.04 virtual machine on ubuntu 8.04?

Il 27/01/2011 10:14, Marco Weber ha scritto:

I'm new to xen. (Before i've used ESX...)
On the ubuntu 8.04 host machine i've always created images with
Unfortunately it cannot create lucid (10.04) images...

i've already tried to do it by foot, but the VM didn't startup... :/
vi /etc/xen/newlucid.cfg
dd if=/dev/zero of=disk,img bs=1024k seek=17k count=0
mkfs -t ext3 disk,img
dd if=/dev/zero of=swap.img bs=1024k seek=1024 count=0
mkswap swap.img
mount -o loop UbuntuXen.img /tmp/xenloop
debootstrap lucid /tmp/xenloop
umount /tmp/xenloop

Anyways, how can this be done easily? How do you setup your XEN VMs?
Is there a way to just install it with a iso-image (cdrom) as i would do it
with VMware?

Thanks a lot in advance for any reply...

See you,

Hi, I didn't had Ubuntu 8.04 as dom0 but instead I had debian Lenny. To install Ubuntu 10.04 I do the following (note that I have not Full Virtualization):

- In another computer I did an alternate ubuntu installation of 10.04 using virtualbox - Ubunto must be installed in ext3. I don't know if ext4 will work but while in dubt I prefer to use ext3 (so it is also easy to mount 10.04 images in Lenny/Ubuntu8.04) - Once installed you have to remove grub2 and install (and configure) grub-legacy because pygrub in lenny / ubuntu 8.04 doesn't boot grub2 domUs - You have to install the ec2 kernel (sudo apt-get install linux-ec2) which is the only one which is capable to run on xen PVM environment. - I don't remember if kernel is automagically added to /boot/grub/menu.lst. If not do it yourself

Now your image is ready. Shut down virtualbox and convert the virtual disk image into a raw image by using the tool qemu-img (apt-get install qemu-kvm); example

qemu-img convert -O raw yourimage.vdi yuorimage.raw

Now copy the image on the Xen machine and try to boot it with pygrub.

It worked for me.



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