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Re: [Xen-users] iscsi vs nfs for xen VMs

Marcin Kuk wrote:

 > So SAN = iSCSI isn't quite it.

Never ending story...
This is only terminology - you can talk about it all the time, but the
question is... who cares? ;) Any of you will win - all this is named
by people, and tomorow all can have different meanings.

Indeed, but the main thing people overlook is that they are different things - as in the analogous statement that "car != Ford".

So for anyone who hasn't realised it yet :

SAN = Storage Area Network, rally just a name for any technique that makes your storage 'remote' (as in not 'built in') from the server/device that's using it. It really does not require any specific technology though some things are assumed (such as the ability to connect more than one device to the storage and share the capacity).

iSCSI = one specific technology for achieving that.

Analogy :
Car - wheeled and powered machine for moving people and goods about.
Ford - just one of many brands you can buy.

Simon Hobson

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