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RE: [Xen-users] pci-passthrough nic but no link

Fixed my own problem.  The device order is different under my VM.  Eth0 on dom0 is eth3 on domU


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Subject: [Xen-users] pci-passthrough nic but no link


I hope someone can enlighten me.


I have a quad-port Intel 82580 nic (igb driver) on my system and I’d like to dedicate each nic to a HVM via VT-d PCI passthrough.  The IOMMU on my system seems to work, I can assign the PCI devices to my HVMs.  The HVMs see the pci device and load their respective igb drivers, and ethtool -i eth0 works on each HVM, shows the drivers are loaded and the eth0 interfaces are up.


Hvm0 – 82580.port0

Hvm1 – 82580.port1

Hvm2 – 82580.port2

Hvm3 – 82580.port3


However I don’t get any link at my switch for any of my ports.  The problem seems to be that the link signal is provided by the igb driver (is that correct?), and since dom0 cannot bind the pci devices to the driver (since they need to be free for pci passthrough) I cannot establish a hardware link on the system.


Any ideas on how this is normally accomplished.  If not, does this mean that PCI passthrough for Ethernet nics in general is not possible?  I must be missing something.



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