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[Xen-users] RE: Nvidia 9500GT Xen VGA passthru

I really have not played with too much after the proof of concept.  I do recall 
something eventually breaking the config, perhaps a Xen update.  I've since put 
the hardware to better use, although I am still intrigued by Xen.  At the time, 
I was working with a team that was giving serious consideration to virtualizing 
their platform, and what better way to learn than dig in and get my hands dirty.

I tried to include as much detail at the time, with the plethora of different 
Xen builds, BIOS's updates, etc.

If someone has something specific I can try to help, but doubtful I will be of 
any use.  For example, I did not realize Xen 4.x was even released.  Recent 
projects I've been working on do not lend themselves well to virtualization; 
however, I might have to give Xen 4.0 shot - just to play, of course.  There 
were some serious changes happening with Xen, the Linux kernel, and KVM when I 
stopped playing. 

Sorry I could not be of more help.

Peter van der Maas

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Subject: Nvidia 9500GT Xen VGA passthru

Hello Peter,

Some people have been asking for tips about Nvidia Xen VGA passthru,
so maybe you could help? 

Could you post the exact steps you did? 

Have you tried with Xen 4.0.x after your initial experiments in 2009? 


-- Pasi

On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 02:16:32PM -0500, Peter J. van der Maas wrote:
>    I am happy to announce that I have successfully (and finally!) been able
>    to pass a PCIe graphics card via VT-d to a Windows XP HVM DomU.
>    About time!
>    Config:
>    -Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad-Core, G0 stepping (I think)
>    -Intel DQ35JO Motherboard, Q35 Chipset, BIOS v.991 (1/9/09), VT and VT-d
>    enabled
>    -nVidia 9500GT (for VT-d passthrough - DomU)
>    -nVidia GeForce2 MX200 (Dom0 console)
>    -Xen (build: xen-unstable, recent as of ~ 1/25/09 1:00AM-EST)
>    -Dom0: Linux- (via xen-unstable.hg)
>    -DomU: Windows XP (pro, sp3, 32-bit)
>    Once the VT-d bugs were recently corrected (thank you, xen-devel!),
>    everything went fairly smoothly.  Still very buggy yet (its
>    xen-unstable!), but overall it works.
>    Make sure support for the PCI-backend is compiled into the kernel (not
>    just a module) and that you have your pciback.hide options in grub
>    (late-binding may work, but I haven't tried).
>    Good luck!
>    -Peter van der Maas

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