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Re: [Xen-users] Backup running Windows machines - redundancy

Hi Mike,

agreed. For situations however where data files that are typically
opened with user applications like Word, Excel and other, I think it
might be safe to just snapshot the underlying LVM while the Windows DomU
is running and the users are not accessing the files (typically at
night), mount this and copy from it. I'm actually testing this now. If
there's interest I will post my findings.


On 02/10/11 20:36, Mike Sun wrote:
> Hi Bart,
>> That's what I actually suggested in previous post: do a xm save -f, take
>> a snapshot of the underlying LV, do a xm restore and then dd the snapshot.
>> This is 100% safe for restore if you also backup the memory state file.
> You're right, it's only 100% safe if you backup the *memory* state as
> well.  Otherwise, from all the other proposed methods I've seen in
> this thread, just by pausing or saving the VM does not guarantee that
> the file system will be put into a consistent state, which is
> important for those who care about file system backups and not VM
> snapshots.
> Mike

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