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Re: [Xen-users] bonding with trunking AND iscsi

Hey Donny,

as Jeff already stated, you can bond multiple NICs connected to the
same switch to a single trunk/logical link and put VLAN interfaces on
top of that (with some hacks - see the kernel doc on bonding).
The LACP link aggregation might not scale the bandwidth as you expect it to.
For each packet, the bonding code decides which slave (NIC) to use for
output using a hash calculated from layer2(MAC), layer2+3(MAC+IP) or
layer3+4(IP+ports). This means a single packet flow (eg I/O traffic
with a single iSCSI target) from one host to another will never use
more than one NIC (bandwidth).
In fact, as there is no dynamic load balancing or round robin, you
might even share one NIC for multiple iSCSI packet flows and have the
other slaves (NICs) idle.

This is why I dropped the VLAN over LACP trunk idea. ;-)

Regards, Linus

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