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Re: [Xen-users] clarification regarding xen vm

Yamini L wrote:

I want to install software inside my xen virtual machine.. I would like to know whether whatever i have installed would persist in the virtual machine even after i destroy it..

That is, will i be able to use the software after destroying the software and rebooting it..

Same way, whatever new files i have stored or downloaded inside the vm, will i be able to access them after destorying and starting the vm afresh..

In most respects, your VM behaves just the same as a real machine would - the main differences are the I/O etc. So, just like a real machine, your virtual machine will have the same disk contents after a reboot unless you do something to damage the filesystems (like not shutting down cleanly). If you were to "xm destroy" a guest then that would be the equivalent of yanking the power cord on a real machine and clearly you may damage your filsystems.

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