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[Xen-users] acpid_1.0.10 hangs make - newbie Xen XCI installation question

The current 'make' for XCI hangs when trying to get 'acpid_1.0.10'. The host site lists only 1.0.8 and 2.0.7. Can someone point me to the correct 'make' script containing the get request so I might correct it?

A 'grep -r -H acpid_1.0.10' under the build directory did not reveal the file under Debian 6.0 but it managed to warm the hard drive for a long time. =) Like most I am pretty excited about Xen and using it so any help is appreciated. ;-) Perhaps this gets me involved in learning about the scripts some, but a point in the right direction would help.

If I have accidentally been insufficiently diligent in seeking where to post this, please forgive the list interruption and if you can direct me to the correct place it would be helpful.


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