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[Xen-users] Easier managment interface, XCP or similar?

I am evaluating our current setup and seeing if we can improve it in any way. Right now we have two servers running Centos 5.5 with xen4.0 via the gitco repo. Each server has multiple nics that are bonded and have raw vlans passing over it so I can assign various domu's to various vlans. Each server is setup to use local storage currently and uses LVM for domu disks. We now have a Dell MD3200i iscsi SAN that we need to throw in the mix along with 2 more servers. As it stands we only have one "production" xen server and one "test" xen server. They share no storage or anything currently. I need everything we currently have to keep working but need a better management interface and the ability to have HA domu's.

I have looked around and found a few projects that may work but I think I have ruled most out:
OpenQRM: way too convoluted to setup and not great documentation
ECP: runs KVM and the "community" version is so limited it is pitiful
Proxmox: also runs KVM and/or OpenVZ containers. While this one is promising and has a nice GUI with "clustering", it still lacks the HA features I want and is a pain to get the san to talk on more than one IP range (following dells recomendation to put the 4 ports of each controller on a separate /24)

I already have my xen dom0's setup properly with the vlan trunks and bond interfaces. What I need is a way to centrally manage the various machines with a graphical interface. Reason being is it will be easier to teach my fellow co-workers how to do that than to have them wrap their head around 4 different machines and all the command line operations to do various tasks. In the event that something happens to me I need them to be able to administer the cluster.

We do understand that adding the bonded interfaces and vlans with the SAN will complicate things, but this can't be a bridge that no one else has crossed before. I would like your input on how to manage this setup centrally. Also note we must do it for free as we have no spendable IT budget.

Donny B.

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