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[Xen-users] XCP

Hi all,

I'm trying to get the post install script feature of the answer file to work. I'm doing network installs using PXE. All of the dhcp/tftp/pxe parts are working fine. I can launch the XCP installer fine. I can supply it an answer file and the installer does what it is told just fine.

The part that doesn't work is the post script.

First question, which is correct, <script> or <post-install-script>? The former is described in the docs but the later is actually in everyone's examples.

Second question, is there a log file for the installer? There must be some error that I can't see. Nothing that indicates an attempt to find the script appears on the console.

I'm using various forms of this:

<script stage="installation-complete" type="url"></script>

<post-install-script type="url"></post-install-script>

<post-install-script type="nfs"></post-install-script>

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