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Re: [Xen-users] domU kernel from source capable of live migration

On Mon, 2011-02-21 at 12:50 -0500, William L. Thomson Jr. wrote:
> Now some what unrelated I have a major problem with 2.6.37, where there
> are issues with PMU. Which prevents networking from working, and the
> system from mounting nfs root. This is not related to live migration,
> just preventing me from trying newer sources that might be capable of
> live migration. Likely a upstream issue not xen related, not sure.
> On 2.6.36 I get the following for PMU
> AMD PMU driver.
> ... version:                0
> ... bit width:              48
> ... generic registers:      4
> ... value mask:             0000ffffffffffff
> ... max period:             00007fffffffffff
> ... fixed-purpose events:   0
> ... event mask:             000000000000000f
> I use the same config from 2.6.36, but in 2.6.37 and now get
> Broken PMU hardware detected, software events only.

Not sure if this is xen related or not, but I am getting the same with

Thinking I might need to take this up with kernel.org. Came across a
post on RH's bugzilla that is similar[1]. Doesn't look to be using xen,
not sure about other virtualization, and looks like networking might
have been working for them.

My missing PMU or it being detected as broken I am pretty sure is
preventing my domU from being able to get networking up and running.
Might be something else, not sure. Thats the only difference I can see
in dmesg between a working 2.6.36 kernel and the non-working 2.6.37 and
2.6.38-rc6 kernels.

Same config, but on any kernel past 2.6.36 I get no network, mounting of
nfsroot fails, and no traffic is seen on the network coming from that
domU in an attempt to mount nfsroot.

     1. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=676527

William L. Thomson Jr.
Obsidian-Studios, Inc.

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