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[Xen-users] HA and XCP 1.0

I just downloaded and setup the new XCP 1.0 and I am unable to get the HA working.  I am using NFS for the VM storage but using a iSCSI connection for the heatbeat and when going in an enabling the HA I get he following error.

4/5/2011 4:04:42 PM Error: Enabling HA on pool 'Xenlab' - Internal error: Unix.Unix_error(20, "access", "/opt/xensource/xha/ha_set_pool_state") I was able to get pat this error and am now stuck on the following error. 


4/5/2011 9:00:56 PM Error: Enabling HA on pool 'VMC3 Cluster' - Internal error: Xapi_ha.Xha_error(1)

Has anyone gotten this to work or is there a work around?

Thanks in advance,
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