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[Xen-users] RE: PVUSB to WINDOWS 2008R2

> Dear All and especialy James Harper!
> Please help me in situation!
> I have open suse 11.4 with xen 4.02 from box
> I install windows server 2008R2 and gplpv driver form James (238 buld)
> I need passthru my usb hdd to this DOMu
> than i did:
> # xm usb-list-assignable-devices
> 2-3          : ID 1058:1130 Western Digital My Book 1130
> 4-1          : ID 0557:2221 Winbond Electronics Corp Hermon USB
> Device
> make settings in cfg file
> vusb = ['usbver=2, numports=1,port_1=2-3']
> and start VM
> On windows in Device Manager i see
> Xen PVUSB Device Driver
> Root USB -concentrator (i translate it from russian so maybe real name
> different in english windows) with ! exclamation
> in device state it telling that windows cannot load for it needed
> If I update driver for this root usb concentrator from C:\Program
> (x86)\Xen PV Drivers\drivers\xenusb it telling that windows has found
> for this device but there was an error while installing this driver
> an its name changes to Xen PVUSB Device Driver with same ! exclamation

pvusb is a work in progress under GPLPV, and I haven't worked on it in a
while as I stopped using the old 2.6.18 kernel and pvusb wasn't
supported under pvops kernels for a long time.

What is a "My Book 1130" device? If it is purely storage then it might
work, but otherwise I think there are too many unsupported functions and
it is unlikely to work. Can you send me a lsusb -v for the device? I can
probably tell you one way or the other if I can see what interfaces it

If someone wanted to sponsor pvusb development under GPLPV then it might
get fixed sooner, but otherwise it's not near the top of my list of
projects at the moment. Sorry.

Can anyone comment on how well pvusb is supported under the latest xen
and pvops kernels?


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