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[Xen-users] Re: PVUSB to WINDOWS 2008R2

Dear James!

even if i make in cfg file
vusb = ['usbver=2, numports=1']

boot domU and do not assign any physical usb device I  have same situation with 

> My Book 1130

This is my usb hdd WD Mynook Essential

and about donation, I would like ta make ones but I dont think it will be 
enought for develop :(

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12 апр. 2011, в 13:18, James Harper написал(а):

>> Dear All and especialy James Harper!
>> Please help me in situation!
>> I have open suse 11.4 with xen 4.02 from box
>> I install windows server 2008R2 and gplpv driver form James (238 buld)
> as DOMU
>> I need passthru my usb hdd to this DOMu
>> than i did:
>> # xm usb-list-assignable-devices
>> 2-3          : ID 1058:1130 Western Digital My Book 1130
>> 4-1          : ID 0557:2221 Winbond Electronics Corp Hermon USB
> hidmouse
>> Device
>> make settings in cfg file
>> vusb = ['usbver=2, numports=1,port_1=2-3']
>> and start VM
>> On windows in Device Manager i see
>> Xen PVUSB Device Driver
>> Root USB -concentrator (i translate it from russian so maybe real name
>> different in english windows) with ! exclamation
>> in device state it telling that windows cannot load for it needed
> drivers
>> If I update driver for this root usb concentrator from C:\Program
> Files
>> (x86)\Xen PV Drivers\drivers\xenusb it telling that windows has found
> driver
>> for this device but there was an error while installing this driver
>> an its name changes to Xen PVUSB Device Driver with same ! exclamation
> pvusb is a work in progress under GPLPV, and I haven't worked on it in a
> while as I stopped using the old 2.6.18 kernel and pvusb wasn't
> supported under pvops kernels for a long time.
> What is a "My Book 1130" device? If it is purely storage then it might
> work, but otherwise I think there are too many unsupported functions and
> it is unlikely to work. Can you send me a lsusb -v for the device? I can
> probably tell you one way or the other if I can see what interfaces it
> has.
> If someone wanted to sponsor pvusb development under GPLPV then it might
> get fixed sooner, but otherwise it's not near the top of my list of
> projects at the moment. Sorry.
> Can anyone comment on how well pvusb is supported under the latest xen
> and pvops kernels?
> James

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